Price list

Price Guide 2020 – Jack’s Floors Ldn

Floor Laying* Price**

Engineered boards – floating floor £20
Engineered boards – secret nails £20
Engineered boards – glued £28
Board fitting + sanding and sealing £40

Parquet laying -putting down parquet using glue, sand/fill/finish the floor £60

Floor levelling (boarding with ply 3mm– supply and fit) £6.5

Step laying £50/step

Dust – free Sanding

Sanding + filling + 3 coats lacquer £30
Sanding lead based paint (black border around the room) £3***
Staining £5
Gap filling over 5mm (using wooden slivers) £10/lm
Gap filling over 5mm (10 yr guarantee) £5/sqm
Cosmetic gap filling up to 5mm £2

Step sanding****:

£60 modern look ( step sanded,front white)

£80 vintage (step and front the same)

Clean buff + one coat lacquer/ oil/ £9
Clean buff + two coats lacquer/ oil/ £15

Additional services:

Removal of carpet £25/room
Removal of old flooring (wood/laminate) from £50/room
Furniture move (and return to position) £40 (up to 2 rooms)
Concrete hearth removal £200
Flooring/carpet disposal £50
Quadrant fitting (per metre) £3
Skirting board fitting (per metre) £4
Door fitting (per door) from £70
Board repair/ renovation from £100

Minimum daily charge of £300

* Price includes laying of the floor, any preparation work, cutting the doors and door frame, nails and filler
required during installation.

** All prices are per square metre unless stated otherwise.

***Older properties with original floors sometimes have lead-based paint borders. Additional charge apply for whole room.

**** depending on condition and chosen finish (vintage/modern), steps up to meter wide

Please refer to the website for full terms and conditions.

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