Terms and conditions


These conditions are applicable to all quotations and orders unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1. The buyer shall provide free, secure and dry storage and be responsible for the safe custody of the company’s equipment and materials at the site until taken away by the company. Materials remain the company’s property until paid in full.

2. Sub-floors are to conform to stipulations specifications and free from damp or moisture, surface or latent. The company will not be liable for any defect in the laid flooring occasioned by the subsequent presence of damp, surface or latent, or by the sub floor not conforming to the required specification.

3. The buyer is responsible that all completed work is adequately protected from damage. The company cannot be responsible for damage done by other trades, or in circumstances beyond their control. In the case of kiln-dried wood flooring it is most important that the building be effectively ventilated and heated during and after laying and that the premises are occupied immediately after the floor has been laid.

4. All claims for faulty material or workmanship must be notified in writing within 14 days from completion of the work. No claims from whatever cause will be entertained if in excess of the cost of the work completed by the company.

4.1 Due to the natural movement of the wood (expansion or shrinking due to weather conditions, or when heating or other pipes are located directly under the floor) or exposure to extreme humidity or traffic load, resin filling cannot be guaranteed and the Company is not responsible if the resin should fail at any time due to such reasons.

4.2 When a slivers gap fill method is used, we cannot guarantee that the slivers (even though produced from reclaimed timber) used to fill the gaps can be exact match to the existing floor – every piece of wood is unique, therefore it might vary in colour or shade.

5. The buyer will be held responsible for any additional cost due to

(a) Any variation in qualities, quantities, sizes or instructions

(b) Overtime, waiting time and additional charges brought  on by circumstances over which the company has no control

(c) Any increase in labour, material or transport costs over which the company has no control occurring between the date of  the order and completion of work

(d) Materials specially ordered and not cancelled before being put in hand by manufacturers.


Please note that should any payments exceed our 7 day payment terms, interest may be charged at 15%pa.  In addition, should any cheque or other payment be dishonoured by the bank, then a £10.00 administration fee will be charged.

. If a claim has been made under section 4 then the value of the materials supplied must be paid pending investigation.

7.  Subject to the observance of the above conditions, the company will make  good any defaults due to faulty materials or workmanship which became apparent within two months from the date of completion of the work.

8. Please be aware a cancellation charge of £150 is applied if cancelled within 48 hours of start date.

9. JFL will not take any responsibility in any shrinking or defaults to wooden flooring due to underfloor heating. We would advise that you look up the right information before purchasing any timber.

10.  By accepting a quotation you are agreeing to these terms and conditions unless agreed by both parties in writing.

11. If you live in an area with restricted parking we will ask you to provide visitors parking permits. If you cannot provide permits then please inform us when booking the work in otherwise you may incur parking costs.